9 thoughts on “Eddy Funkster enjoying the vibe”

  1. Mancnfiiegt rant. Reminded me the tale of someone who cooked a lobster in a bedsit sink using one of those mini immersion heaters that you can plug into your cigar lighter – the thing probably died of boredom before the heat got to it.

  2. Der må jeg desværre skuffe Pernille! Den er mere i stil med en aubergine!- Men en flot en af slagsen;) Så noget i Go'morgen Danmark om at den farve, samt "muldhvarp"-farve er dem der kommer til at overtage sort:)

  3. N’empêche que «chercher l’amour», c’est la meilleure façon de pas le trouver.C’est quand on ne s’y attend pas ou qu’on n’y pense plus qu’il nous saute à la figure.C’est pas une décision qu’on prend! On peut choisir, oui, de vouloir une relation «sérieuse» (tsss, ce mot!), ça veut pas dire que le fichu cupidon va se pointer le bout de la flèche!

  4. I love that dress and the layering effect. Dumb question – but when you are at work – do you have to wear a cover up thing? And if so how does that impact your choices? This is me assuming your working with beakers and the like 🙂

  5. I agree with the sentiment.But as a proper reactionary, you should write poetry that rhymes. Write sing-song poetry that people will want to memorize and recite over and over again. That's the way to really annoy the modernists.

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