LOVECAST #1 – Famous Lee & Catalist



01. Julie Sims – You’re Trying To Turn Me Out – HDM Records
02. Spellbound – Under My Spell – Great
03. First Love – It’s A Mystery To Me – C.I.M.
04. Bernice Frazier – Will You Be The One – The New York Music Company
05. Ozone – Our Hearts Will Always Shine – Motown
06. Randy Brown – Are You Lonely? – Threeway Records
07. Yasuko Agawa – L.A. Night – Invitation
08. Arnie’s Love – I’m Out Of Your Life – Radar Records
09. Rocket – It Keeps Me Coming Back – Quality Records
10. Maurice Massiah – 50/50 Love – Quality Records
11. De De – S & M (Sexy Music) – Clockwork Records
12. Imagination – Music & Lights (Instrumental) – Black Sun
13. Active Force – ?? – White
14. McGee – Now That I Have You – American Dream Records Ltd.

Love Handle Radio

Welcome to LOVEHANDLERADIO.COM, your monthly podcast full of 80s boogie, funk, modern soul, two-step, mixed on vinyl by DJs Famous Lee and Catalist. We also do a monthly club night every 3rd Saturday of the month in Toronto.

The good fellas behind Toronto’s best monthly boogie funk jam Love Handle, conspire to keep you FUNKin’. Audience and time tested, Love Handle reworks the context of Toronto’s own FUNK history into a modern calibration. Accept no substitutes and buckle up as selectors Catalist and Famous Lee take you on a Funktastic Voyage along with special sauce guests to round out the trip. Love Handle the boogie funk party to make your jheri curl.

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