Love Handle – Toronto – June 20 2015


A friendly FUNK reminder: Love Handle has always got chu covered, and this month we 2 step back to the basics with the original residents Famous Lee and Catalist. Fasten your seat belts ladies and gents, we are gonna trip the light fantastic with this one!!!

LOVECAST #10 – Sonny Dunn

Love Handle podcast numero 9 takes us into the Funk’d up mindstate of Sonny Dunn.  The homey is nice with the cuts and joins Catalist and Famous Lee to put the FUNK in funktion.


01. I Level – 3 A.M.
02. Sandy Kerr – Thug rock
03. Connie Case – Get down
04. Frank Graham – I like it
05. Junior – Too late
06. Switch – Keeping secrets
07. S.O.S. Band – Borrowed love
08. Stephanie Mills – Whatcha gonna do with my lovin’
09. Howard Johnson – Keepin love new
10. Atkins – We gon’ make u feel good
11. One Way – Get up
12. Tavares – Got to find my way back to you
13. Alexander O’neal – Innocent
14. Slave – Steppin out
15. Evelyn King – Do you want my lovin
16. Val Young – Seduction
17. Fatback – Rockin to the beat
18. Rick James – Come into my life
19. Changing Faces – I’m gonna make you love me
20. The woods empire – Universal Love

Love Handle – Toronto – May 16 2015


Orlando ‘Buscrates’ Marshall is a true Funk-a-teer. The Hotlanta by way of Pittsburgh homey has been on the product from day one! One third of East Liberty Quarters and having just released his debut EP (16 bit Ensemble) on Omega Supreme Records , Love Handle is super hyped to feature his Tdot debut. Accompanied by Son of S.O.U.L. and resident Famous Lee, expect a dancer’s mix of Modern and Classic FUNK slappers as well as a healthy dose of Modern Soul and Two Step. Who Love Ya BABY??

LIVE MIX #6 – Victor Underground

Love Handle live mix takes us on an award tour and who better to guide us than a man bumping the Funk for nearly 30 years!

A crucial part of Toronto Funk Foundation, Mr. “12 inches of Pleasure” makes sure to put some cheese in yo macaroni and butter yo bread, FUNK side up!

LOVECAST #9 – Randy ‘Hotthobo’ Ellis

April’s Love Handle guest gifted us a audio basket of treats:
An exclusive Randy Hotthobo Ellis Love Handle mix!
The Voltaire Records head honcho is serving notice to the North! FUNK is comin through!!

Love Handle – Toronto – April 18 2015


Buckle up Toronto, we are in for a very special treat! Love Handle proudly presents the Toronto debut of Randy Hotthobo Ellis! Straight outta L.A. by way of the Bay area, Randy “Hotthobo” Ellis is a co-owner and label manager of Voltaire Records in California, and a frequent contributor/collaborator to Loose Shus, Elegant Borzoi, and Chautauqua. His 100% vinyl sets journey deep into an abyss of new, classic, and obscure 12″ and 7″ records, with a focus toward high-end boogie, disco, two step, sweet soul, italo, house and modern funk.

Combined with the return of our resident globe trotting Dj Catalist, this is gonna be a massive jam! Show up early and get ready to sweat!

$10 b4 midnight

LIVE MIX #5 – Love Handle BBQ (Part 1 & 2)



What’s funkier than roasted pig feet? Jason Ulrich and Big Jacks rock a Jay2Jay set to help you figure it out. Part two is the second half of Big Jack’s set coupled with a (mini) Cratery edition with Arcee and Dj Serious Jammin on the one. Enjoy with plenty o’ hot sauce.

Love Handle – Toronto – March 21 2015


For many years Curtis Smith has been one of Toronto’s most treasured DJs. Through rhythm, words and sounds he has been responsible for breaking records, genres, and social boundaries. As a DJ, he began in the 1980’s playing at various after hour venues throughout city. His passion for music led him to the format of radio, and in 1994 Smith landed at CKLN. For the next 16 years Curtis Smith created, programmed and hosted “Out of D’Ordinary”. The show soon became an overnight sensation and eventually its own musical institution, which kept listeners clinging to every rhythm, melody and hook. Each week Curtis seamlessly blended Rare Jazz, Funk, Soul, Latin, Disco, UK Soul, Acid Jazz, Deep House and other left field goodies both new and old from around the globe. Through the art of spoken word, he infused historical context and social relevance into the program so his listeners stayed both locked and clocked, The spirit of Out of D’Ordinary now lives in his monthly “Groove on Down” sessions, and releases on Dibgate Records.

Love Handle – Toronto – February 21 2015

What a better way to celebrate the ‘Love’ month than to join us on the dance floor as we welcome Dj Victor Undergroundvibe aka 12 inches of Pleasure. Possessing one of the deeper selections of pure FUNK, Dj Undergroundvibe is sure to make you SWEAT!! Accompanied by the usual funky suspects Famou SLee, and Dj Serious, this jam is going out to all of you heart breakers and love makers out there.

$5 before midnight.

LOVECAST #8 – Famous Lee & Catalist

In digging deeper and deeper into our respective crates to bring you the goodness we’ve realized that in todays world of increasingly rare and unknown releases sometimes it’s important to recognize the comfort of familiarity.  This isn’t to say that we’ll stop hunting for the obscure/unknown gold, but it’s important to stop and enjoy the deep vein of major label releases and radio play hits that were pressed throughout the 80’s.  To take a page out of the hommie Arcee’s book, we on that Woogie tip (major label funk!) and it ain’t going nowhere!  Dip Drop into Toronto’s best FUNK podcast!!!


01. Sass – Much too much – 75 West Records
02. Starshine – All I need is you – Prelude
03. Taste – Got to get better – Taste
04. Fresh Band – Come back lover – are n’ be
05. Afterbach – It’s You – ARC
06. Randy Hall – I’ve Been Watching You (Jamie’s Girl) – MCA
07. B magic & micheal tomas – summertime girl – b magic
08. Contessa – Femme fatale – 6 am records
09. Liberty Silver – I’m High On Your Love – EAD
10. Loose Ends – Tell Me What You Want – Virgin
11. Lee Moore – Do You Feel Like A Party – LM records
12. Loni Gamble – Dance to it – Tracy Records
13. Merge – Take It To The Top – RCA
14. War – Still In Love – Coco Plum
15. Green & Waters – Right Away Dance
16. Vaughn Mason – Move your electric body – Funky Feet Recs
17. Byrd Pressley – Something To Remember You By – Heat
18. Kevin Moore – Speak Your Mind – Chocolate City

Love Handle – Toronto – January 17 2015


It’s a new year and we’re starting off with a BANG! Famous Lee and Jason Ulrich are joined by Gene King. If you have been living in a deep hole and haven’t heard of Gene, then you have some catching up to do.. One of the premiere champions of underground music in Toronto/Montreal for close to 3 decades, Gene is a record collector, label owner, producer, radio show host and general all around amazing talent. Come out & show some proper LOVE as we hott up the dancefloor LOVE HANDLE style!

$5 til Midnight $10 after

LOVECAST #7 – Cam Hildebrandt

Arriving on the scene, cripsy and clean, Cam Hildebrandt is a man with a plan. Dropping OG Modern Soul masterpieces is a specialty that not all can master. One needs to possess an innate sense of direction when it comes to yachting; the fashion sense of a retired European tennis player and the je ne sais quoi of a junior cabin porter on the Love Boat. Regardless kick back and enjoy the master stylings of Cam, along with a healthy dose of Famous Lee & Catalist. Love Handle, holding it down like gravity!


01. Three Flights Up – I’m only half
02. Curtis Mayfield – Tripping Out
03. Frankie Lee – I am Love
04. Rick A. Webb & RAW Band – Don’t Keep me Waiting
05. Lew Kirton – Something Special

—— Cam Hildebrandt Set ——

06. Ronnie McNeir – My Baby
07. Tony Love – We’re doing it together
08. Special Delivery – Got to be number 1
09. Enlightenment – Burning Flame
10. Original Just Us – You’re My Inspiration
11. Kiki Gyan – Feelin Alright
12. Mad Lads – You Blew It
13. Klas – Let’s Make Love Tonight
14. Popcorn – Song for you
15. First Horizon – I need to know

—— End ——

16. Donald Albert – The Hardest Thing
17. Big Jacks/Kutcorners – Lovespeak Instrumental
18. Rocket – Love Chain
19. Lesette Wilson – Caveman Boogie
20. Cojo – Play it by ear

Love Handle – Toronto – December 20 2014


This holiday season Love Handle jumps off the gift giving a few days early. Dj’s Famous Lee, Son of S.O.U.L. and Big Jacks guarentee to put the FUNK in yo TRUNK so join us on the dancefloor and let FUNK it up!

Love Handle – Toronto – November 15 2014


Back on the scene, crispy & clean, Love Handle returns with special guest Voyage Funktastique’s Walla P Mtl! If you were fortunate enough to attend the Love Handle BBQ then you’ll remember his set, but if you missed it, this is your chance to indulge in the finest funk the true north has to offer! Together with residents Dj Serious & Famous Lee, this is gonna be a funk-fest you don’t want to miss, Yah Mo B There!

LOVECAST #6 – Famous Lee & Catalist

The daring Funk duo returns unmasked and raw – Catalist & Famous Lee, fresh from rescuing dames in dance-floor distress, and feeding the funk impoverished, are gonna break you down like entropy; funking for the Future by drawing from the past, this one’s for you, dancers.


01. Gwen Presley & Portable Patrol – Running (Accapella)
02. Freeez – Southern Freez
03. W.Q.B.C. –
04. Lisa evans – Too much Love
05. KoKo – Step by Step
06. Crystal Clear – between a rock and a hard place
07. Greg phillanganes – do it all for love
08. Chaz go for love
09. Affinity –  don’t go away runaway dub
10.  Aurra – Make up your mind
11. Tavares – Loveline
12. Vaughn Mason & Krush – Electric Body
13. Jefferson Ink – girl you turn me out
14. The Kee – You Turn me out
15. Cecil Parker – I’ve been missing your lovin’
16. Sandra Taylor – Rock Me Well
17. O’Bryan – Can’t live without your love
18. Mass Production – Slow Bump

LOVECAST #5 – Famous Lee & Catalist

Straight from the mines of Diggersbury, Catalist and Famous Lee drop some uncut raw funk and modern soul nuggets to put a sparkle in your 2-step. Love Handle puts the FUNK in FUNKasaurus, and you know THISSSSS.


01. Perfect touch – What goes around (Celebrity)
02. Brother to Brother – Let me be for real (Sugar Hill)t
03. Lazztistics – Hangin’ Tuff (Coastal)
04. Eighties Ladies – Turned Onto You (Uno Melodic)
05. Twilight – You look so good (Rose Records)
06. Superior Movement – Come fly with me (CIM Records)
07. George Franklin Smallwood & Marshmellow Band – You Know I Love You (Smallwood)
08. Hipnotic – Are You Lonely? (Street Level)
09. True Desire – The T.D. Theme (Destiny)
10. Rick James – U turn Me ON (Motown)
11. JR Tucker – Take A Message (Geffen)
12. Don Blackman – You Ain’t Hip (Arista)
13. Brenda Watts-You’re My Chance (Nelwin)
14. Iyicko – Tied Up On Love (I Records)
15. The New Jersey Connection – Love Don’t Come Easy (Carnival)
16. Rainbow Brown – I’m The One (Vanguard)
17. Kenix ft. Bobby Youngblood – There’s Never Been (No One Like You) (West End)

Love Handle – Toronto – October 18 2014


Now after last month’s festivities y’all already know the deal – Toronto’s best monthly FUNK jam just keeps getting better and better. Originators Catalist and Famous Lee will be on hand and armed with a cornucopia of vinyl FUNK and modern soul delights. Buckle up this is gonna be a TRIP!