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  1. I think a lot of it does depend on your league rules, because Gore could be a Top 6-10 player and the poitatenlly the biggest point getter in the deal. The problem is, however, that it is a big downgrade at QB and WR, since Moss has not been living up to his standards this season.If you have great RB already, I’d def. shy away from this one.

    1. Can an individual explain just what exactly simply came about? I was within the internet page with all the info I just read, as usual, have a news reports worth little or nothing and even all of the sudden I stubled onto this valuable gem stone! One thing oustnatding!

  2. dit :On s’y croirait ! Tout semble présent et on se fond dans l’ambiance lourde et chaude de cet outil de travail.Une sélection de cadrages plein de finesse, étudiés avec beaucoup de soin. Des couleurs réalistes mettant en valeur ces machines centenaires. Superbe travail..un must ! Bravo Patrice

    1. Hey JewJoe – out nation has been subjected to oppressive laws, agencies, propaganda (absolutely no control over media – moves to magazines), force and compulsion, no control over our public schools, youth are indoctrinated at every level with Bolshevik Yankee propaganda, fed BS about Michael King, et al., – in short – immersed in your S****y &#0rn8;Ame2ica2” culture – and their families are falling apart. The SBC has an honest to God HNIC – how’s that four cultural destruction and surrender ? So, how are things in Camden NJ, Joe ?

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