Love Handle – Toronto – October 22 2016

Love Handle + Omega Supreme

This is gonna be one to write home about! Love Handle is super pleased to bring you a label showcase featuring Omega Supreme.

Founded in Portland Oregon in 2012, Omega Supreme Records has been dedicated to preserving the integrity and creativity of modern funk artist worldwide. Reaching out and working with over 20 different musicians and producers across 8 countries, Omega Supreme Records has been able to keep a progressive music scene from falling into digital security by releasing limited edition records and cassettes. With 33 releases over the last four years, and a growing connection between other likeminded DJs, Labels and clubs, this label has been able to continue to contribute to dance floors who are seeing modern funk entering the night life of their city worldwide. Carrying forward the analog traditions and production mechanics mastered in the the early 80s, artists are carving out new directions with heavy synthesizer baselines, interstellar melodies and chord progressions concealed in intricate drum arrangements that move bodies on the dance floor.

Featuring LIVE performances by:
Brian Ellis
XL Middleton

Dj sets by:
James Vance aka Gwizski

Love Handle residents:
Famous Lee + Andy Capp

76A Geary Ave, Toronto
Doors open at 11pm
$10 early, more later