LOVECAST #7 – Cam Hildebrandt

Arriving on the scene, cripsy and clean, Cam Hildebrandt is a man with a plan. Dropping OG Modern Soul masterpieces is a specialty that not all can master. One needs to possess an innate sense of direction when it comes to yachting; the fashion sense of a retired European tennis player and the je ne sais quoi of a junior cabin porter on the Love Boat. Regardless kick back and enjoy the master stylings of Cam, along with a healthy dose of Famous Lee & Catalist. Love Handle, holding it down like gravity!


01. Three Flights Up – I’m only half
02. Curtis Mayfield – Tripping Out
03. Frankie Lee – I am Love
04. Rick A. Webb & RAW Band – Don’t Keep me Waiting
05. Lew Kirton – Something Special

—— Cam Hildebrandt Set ——

06. Ronnie McNeir – My Baby
07. Tony Love – We’re doing it together
08. Special Delivery – Got to be number 1
09. Enlightenment – Burning Flame
10. Original Just Us – You’re My Inspiration
11. Kiki Gyan – Feelin Alright
12. Mad Lads – You Blew It
13. Klas – Let’s Make Love Tonight
14. Popcorn – Song for you
15. First Horizon – I need to know

—— End ——

16. Donald Albert – The Hardest Thing
17. Big Jacks/Kutcorners – Lovespeak Instrumental
18. Rocket – Love Chain
19. Lesette Wilson – Caveman Boogie
20. Cojo – Play it by ear